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WordPress plugin and Advanced features

Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:36 am

How do you enable the advanced editor features in the WordPress plugin? The advanced.min.js file is in the plugin, but I cannot figure out how to configure the WordPress plugin to let me use the advanced features.

Any help would be appreciated.

UPDATE: It looks like I can edit the highcharts-editor.php plugin file, and enqueue the highcharts-editor.advanced.min.js AFTER the highcharts-editor.min.js script:

wp_enqueue_script('highcharts-editor', plugin_dir_url(__FILE__) . 'highcharts-editor.min.js', array(
wp_enqueue_script("highcharts-advanced", plugin_dir_url(__FILE__) . "highcharts-editor.advanced.min.js");

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