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Adding highcharts + modules to export server from war

Fri Jan 06, 2017 3:48 am

The documentation at ... the-server for setting up highcharts-export-server states to copy in the highcharts.js, highcharts-more.js, etc. files into the phantomjs directory of the cloned repository, modify the resources.json, and build the jar file.

However, we've found it easier to create a custom phantomjs folder in the classpath of our own application's war file and place our files there. These files are then found via the classpath resource scanning performed in ServerObjectFactory and extracted from the war for use. Then we provide an explicit resources JSON configuration in the SVGConverter.convert call, which allows us to use a pristine version of highcharts-export-server without any of our modules or customizations added to the highcharts-export-server library.

Because this is so convenient for the client, could this configuration method be added to the documentation and supported in future versions? We'd like to perform more frequent updates to the highcharts-export-server as they become available (previously we'd not updated for a year), so if this could be a standard configuration option that would really help (especially since it's already available and ready in the current version)!

Thanks for your consideration!

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