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Highstock 1.1.4 does not include Highchart 2.2.0

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Highstock 1.1.4 does not include Highchart 2.2.0

Postby adamhamel » Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:17 pm

We are using highstock and I was under the impressions that highstock is a superset of highcharts. I was assuming that Highstock 1.1.4 would be built off of the Highchart 2.20? How do I know what version of highchart corresponds with highstock. Also when will highchart 2.2.0 be available under highstock? I am particularly interested in the useHTML feature for tooltips.
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Re: Highstock 1.1.4 does not include Highchart 2.2.0

Postby eolsson » Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:08 am

Hi, yes you are right Highstock v1.1.4 was built on Highcharts v2.1.9

We added some features to Highcharts v2.2.0 that at the time was not compatible with Highstock (main reason was the logarithmic scales). Anyways, two days ago we merged the branch for Highcharts v2.2.0 back to master ( ... 3bc230ba11) so the next major build of Highstock will contain the features in Highcharts v2.2.0.
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