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Requests for inpage options

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Requests for inpage options

Postby ollie » Tue May 19, 2009 6:07 pm

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<a id="thumb1" class='highslide' href="IMG" onclick="return hs.expand(this, inPageOptions)">
   <img src="IMGTHUMB" width='50' height='35' alt=''/></a></if>
   <a class='highslide' href='IMG' onclick="return hs.expand(this, inPageOptions)"><img src='IMGTHUMB' width='50' height='35' alt=''/></a>            

hey there, this function is terrific.

BUT i cant control the sizes of the THUMBNAILS !!! those widths and heights dont work !!

1. can you make it so that the IMGTHUMB LINK is actually the image being rotated on the page? allowing us then to resize the thumbs with img tag?
the full image can be too large to rotate

2. can we popup the image into the normal gallery?

3. make it so i can have more than one gallery per page?


PS. ie you have rotating intermediate images eg. 320x240/640x480, then you can html resize for thumbs, and popup the full image
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Re: Requests for inpage options

Postby torstein.honsi » Wed May 20, 2009 1:45 pm

1) The sizes of the thumbnails in the inpage gallery is determined by this CSS:
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.highslide-thumbstrip-horizontal img {
   width: auto;
   height: 40px;

If you change those dimension you may have to change other dimensions in the thumbstrip related CSS as well. Look for selectors starting with .highslide-thumbstrip.

2) The inpage gallery is already popped up, so this would require that you add another popup through the onImageClick event. This is an example of popping up another image. See also hs.custom.
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hs.Expander.prototype.onImageClick = function() {
   hs.expand (this.content, {
      src: this.custom
   this.onImageClick = function() { hs.close() }      

3) I'll see about that. I think it's only a matter of allowing two images to expand simultaeously.
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