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How to position the expanded popup without preserveContent

Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:01 am


I would like to position the expanded pop-up in my page. I have tried 1) hs.targetX and hs.targetY 2) hs.align 3) hs.anchor

But everything works fine for the first time loading of popup; When I click to open the popup again for the second time, the position is not maintained. From the second time, it always open's in the position where the first popup is opened.
Investigated and found the reason is because, the position of the first pop-up is preserved, because of the attribute, preserveContent: true(default);
But when I make preserveContent to false, it works fine for the position of the popup; But for other reason stated below I don't want to make the preserveContent to false. So, how would I achieve the position of the popup with preserveContent=false???

Other problem faced when preserveContent is set false:
It doesn't preserve the html content-> means it deletes from the DOM structure.
So in the function, when document.getElementById() is called it returns null.

So, do you have any fix for this problem?

PS: I'm using latest version of highslide. I don't see any solution so far in forum.

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