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Multiple and nested iframe objects in ASP.NET page

Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:21 am

Hi! We've been trying different products to open popups on an ASP.NET website and this is the best by a huge margin.
However, we are currently trying to solve a problem and we have to ask for help. I hope to be clear, english is not my language...

We use Highslide to show in a popup the details of a record in a list (rendered with the asp Gridview object).
In some cases these popups contain links to additional information that are to be expanded in another popup, so we used the ajax objecttype as it allowed us to open all nested objects in the parent window.

None of these popups are input forms and they all work perfectly, with one exception: some of them contain a sub-list that requires a postback to handle pagination.

So, this is our problem: if we keep the ajax objecttype we cannot paginate through the list inside the popup (the onactivate script is not an option as ASP.NET returns a ViewState error), and if we use the iframe objecttype all nested objects are created inside each other, creating a 'Matryoshka doll' effect.

We had a look at the iframe mod but we can't figure out how to implement it, as it needs a to identify a single fixed iframe while the page starts with no iframes and the user may open more than one before opening a nested iframe.

I'm stuck, is there something I can do that i did not think of?


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