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Translations needed

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Re: Translations needed

Postby chiendent » Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:35 pm

Much thanks It works with the custom example. So I will make it work for my implementation. Thank you.

Now I found what the problem was because it was working for the norwegian but not for the french! THe translation said:

restoreTitle : 'Cliquer pour fermer l'image, cliquer et faire glisser pour d├®placer, utiliser les touches fl├¿ches droite et gauche pour suivant et pr├®c├®dent.'

The apostrophe in the " l'image" creates the problem! Bizarre that nobody had the problem : I was doing a copy and paste without thinking! May be this will help somebody else....
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Re: Translations needed

Postby torstein.honsi » Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:19 am

Thanks! For some reasons BBCodes are always disabled in this topic, so I must manually enable them for each post.
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Re: Translations needed

Postby RoadRash » Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:17 pm

Hi Jen,
The CSS direction is set in hs.lang. See reference page:
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ðíÐÇð┐Ðüð║ð© ð┐ÐÇðÁð▓ð¥ð┤, Ðøð©ÐÇð©ð╗ð©Ðåð░ / Serbian translation, cyrilic

Postby zpop » Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:55 am

ðƒÐÇðÁÐüð╗ð¥ð▓ÐÖð░ð▓ð░ÐÜðÁ ð▓ðÁÐø ð┐ð¥ÐüÐéð¥ÐÿðÁÐøð©Ðà ÐüÐÇð┐Ðüð║ð©Ðà ð┐ÐÇðÁð▓ð¥ð┤ð░. Transliteration of the existing Serbian translation.
Code: Select all
hs.lang = {
   cssDirection: 'ltr',
   loadingText : 'ðúÐçð©Ðéð░ð▓ð░ ÐüðÁ...',
   loadingTitle : 'ðÜð╗ð©ð║ð¢ð© ð┤ð░ ð┐ð¥ð¢ð©ÐêÐéð©Ðê',
   focusTitle : 'ðÜð╗ð©ð║ð¢ð© ð┤ð░ ð©ðÀð▒ð░Ðåð©Ðê Ðâ ð┐ÐÇð▓ð© ð┐ð╗ð░ð¢',
   fullExpandTitle : 'ðƒÐÇð¥Ðêð©ÐÇð© ð¢ð░ ÐÇðÁð░ð╗ð¢Ðâ ð▓ðÁð╗ð©Ðçð©ð¢Ðâ (f)',
   creditsText : 'ðƒð¥ð║ÐÇðÁÐøðÁ <i>Highslide JS</i>',
   creditsTitle : 'ðÿð┤ð© ð¢ð░ Highslide JS ð┐ð¥ÐçðÁÐéð¢Ðâ ÐüÐéÐÇð░ð¢ð©ÐåÐâ',
   previousText : 'ðƒÐÇðÁÐéÐàð¥ð┤ð¢ð░',
   nextText : 'ðíð╗ðÁð┤ðÁÐøð░',
   moveText : 'ðƒÐÇðÁð╝ðÁÐüÐéð©',
   closeText : 'ðùð░Ðéð▓ð¥ÐÇð©',
   closeTitle : 'ðùð░Ðéð▓ð¥ÐÇð© (esc)',
   resizeTitle : 'ðƒÐÇð¥ð╝ðÁð¢ð© ð▓ðÁð╗ð©Ðçð©ð¢Ðâ',
   playText : 'ðƒð¥ð║ÐÇðÁð¢ð©',
   playTitle : 'ðƒð¥ð║ÐÇðÁð¢ð© Ðüð╗ð░Ðÿð┤ð¥ð▓ðÁ (ÐÇð░ðÀð╝ð░ð║ð¢ð©Ðåð░)',
   pauseText : 'ðƒð░ÐâðÀð©ÐÇð░Ðÿ',
   pauseTitle : 'ðƒð░ÐâðÀð©ÐÇð░Ðÿ Ðüð╗ð░Ðÿð┤ð¥ð▓ðÁ (ÐÇð░ðÀð╝ð░ð║ð¢ð©Ðåð░)',
   previousTitle : 'ðƒÐÇðÁÐéÐàð¥ð┤ð¢ð░ (ÐüÐéÐÇðÁð╗ð©Ðåð░ Ðâð╗ðÁð▓ð¥)',
   nextTitle : 'ðíð╗ðÁð┤ðÁÐøð░ (ÐüÐéÐÇðÁð╗ð©Ðåð░ Ðâð┤ðÁÐüð¢ð¥)',
   moveTitle : 'ðƒÐÇðÁð╝ðÁÐüÐéð©',
   fullExpandText : 'ðáðÁð░ð╗ð¢ð░ ð▓ðÁð╗ð©Ðçð©ð¢ð░',
   number: 'ðíð╗ð©ð║ð░ %1 ð¥ð┤ %2',
   restoreTitle : 'ðÜð╗ð©ð║ð¢ð© ð┤ð░ ðÀð░Ðéð▓ð¥ÐÇð©Ðê Ðüð╗ð©ð║Ðâ, ð║ð╗ð©ð║ð¢ð© ð© ð┐ð¥ð▓ÐâÐåð© ð┤ð░ ð▒ð© ÐÿðÁ ð┐ÐÇðÁð╝ðÁÐüÐéð©ð¥/ð╗ð░. ðúð┐ð¥ÐéÐÇðÁð▒ð© Ðéð░ÐüÐéðÁÐÇðÁ Ðüð░ ÐüÐéÐÇðÁð╗ð©Ðåð░ð╝ð░ ðÀð░ ð┐ÐÇðÁÐéÐàð¥ð┤ð¢Ðâ ð© Ðüð╗ðÁð┤ðÁÐøÐâ.'
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